Destined for the underground, Paul Scott absorbs the deep and tech house circles like a pioneer, bridging the gap between the sub-terrain and the accessible sounds of electronic music. This DJ, born and bred in Perth, Western Australia delivers a conjuring plethora of music that stems from a rugged rave vibe, defined by sound le nouveau.

Deriving his platform from the globe’s notorious rave diggers like Jamie Jones to KANT, Eats Everything and M.A.N.D.Y, Paul Scott has been frequent across unique tech-driven establishments in Western Australia while gracing Bali’s Sky Garden, Home Club in Singapore and the best of the impromptu slots in Thailand and Croatia. Synthesising his influences, Paul has driven the support duties for Justin Martin, Kolombo, Oliver Huntemann and more as resident and co-establisher of Perth’s MVMNT and FineArt events; techno, tech house and deep sounds have been given an enticing home with Paul Scott.

2014 saw Paul Scott take out the runner up spot in the Vicious Records & Madison Avenue ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ remix competition, driving a deeper force and reeling in solid recognition from one of Australia’s longest standing independent electronic music labels. Taking his promise from the studio, the upcoming EP is set to stir a grooved up journey with a prolific wave of the Paul Scott Juxtaposition welcoming the underground across an array of accessible dance music signatures and capturing the imagination of the dance floor. Paul Scott’s forward-thinking sonic appeal is about to get a little darker- in a very influential way.

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